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Welcome to Bolder

Calgary’s first bouldering specific climbing centre. Now open!


Over 5300 sq. ft. of bouldering. Enjoy some of Canada’s best bouldering terrain on a wide variety of climbing holds with frequently reset routes and circuits.

Moon Board

Thousands of boulder problems from around the world. Sync the wall with your phone, track your progress, climb with a friend, and create boulder problems of your own to be climbed all around the world.


Support local and check out our selection of Bolder branded items. Make sure to keep up to date don't miss out on our one off designs, they might not be around forever!

Cafe / Free Wifi

Calgary’s finest freshly roasted artisan coffee from Bolder Coffee Company. Hungry before your climb? Enjoy some locally crafted sandwiches and snacks.

Intro Workshops

New to bouldering? Come join us for our weekly introductory sessions, where we take you through some of the basics of climbing and staying safe while integrating into the community.

Public Transit

Bolder Climbing is located in Builders Park, a short 8 min walk from the Chinook C-Train train station. It is also accessible from the 39th Street station.


120 boulder problems, as well as circuits, hangboards, moon board, system wall, and campus board to meet all your training needs.


At Bolder, we're all about community and creating a space for everyone to come together. Stay up to date with our latest events, competitions, dj nights, promotions and everything in between.


We've experienced first hand how amazing the climbing community is. We hope to create a space that will strengthen the community.

Haven’t made it down to Bolder yet? Check out our virtual tour!

Bold Workshops

Break down the walls of intimidation by learning how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Bolder staff will walk you through the basics of bouldering. We will teach you the lingo, how to fall safely, basic etiquette, and some simple body positions that will allow you to climb better than you thought possible.

Free upon entry fee purchase! Please contact us to schedule a workshop.

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Personalized Programs

Bolder Climbing will create personalized training programs that are customized to your specific needs, goals and physical limitations. These programs will be designed to improve your climbing through a variety of strength, mental and technical training. These programs are ideal for climbers of all abilities.

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Moon Board

We’re super excited to be incorporating a Moon Board into our gym. The first of its kind in Calgary. Developed by climbing legend Ben Moon, a Moon Board is a standardized training wall with a specific wall angle and preset hold placements. Paired with an LED kit and app, you can sample boulder problems set around the world right here in Calgary. Check out the video by Ben Moon on how it works!